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Pink Rose Bridal Bouquet Wedding Flowers Suffolk

Susan Jane May


   Wedding F​lorist

A Little Bit About Me...

I'm an Artist, a Florist, a Weaver, a Spinner and a Knitter

and the owner of a rather gorgeous Birman Cat...

Birman Cat
Susan Jane May Artist Studio2Artwork Sketchbook
Knitted Mittens MiniMittsKnits
 I  built my first Garden Studio at my home in Suffolk, and did my first wedding, back in 2008. I'm a long standing member of the British Florist Association and was accepted as a Senior Florist by the Institute of Professional Florists. Roses are above and beyond my favourite flowers, I adore using natural foliage and I am a lover of French Beaded Lace. I'm also partial to a good, strong cup of Yorkshire Tea and a chocolate biscuit....or two..

In February 2022 we moved to Yorkshire. There is still much un-packing to be done but I am looking forward to getting to know a whole new set of wedding venues and finding my way around this wonderful new area - with the help of my trusty SatNav and a good, old fashioned Map Book for when there's no signal.

Susan Jane May mbfa Florist  FlowerStudio at Country Garden Floristry
Susan Jane May mbfa Florist  FlowerStudio at Country Garden Floristry

x  Happy Days Everyone  x

Susan Jane May mbfa Florist Country Garden Floristry

Member of the British Florist Association

In Business since 2008

I was the Florist on the Vistaprint TV Advert

Some Other Things About Me...

There's lots to see about everything else I do on my Insta Page , my MiniMittsKnits Page and my Studio2Artwork Page