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Susan Jane May


   Wedding F​lorist

The Busy Flor​ista Blog

Putting Pen to Paper...

How we React to Things...

Artist Susan Jane May sketchbook at Studio2Artwork

I recently had a situation happen to me that comletely knocked me for six, floored me, upset me beyond belief and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it. Nothing.

My website provider switched my site builder from one day to the next, completely reformatting my website. The first I knew about it was when I clicked on my site and thought it didn't look right and definitely not how I left it last time.. Different fonts, mis-aligned text, different colours...

All the hours of SEO work that I'd learnt how to do had gone. Nothing there. Removed. Blank sheet. From 21st October 2020 this was, effectively, a new site on the net. Old stats gone. Tools I'd relied on since first building my site in 2008 gone. Just gone.

About two months ago I did receive an email about upgrading the site at some point. No date given and no communication whatsoever since. No heads up on the change over date - nothing. I had no chance to screen shot info or key words and there's no tutorial on how to use the new builder. Do you laugh because it's nuts or do you cry... I cried.

 I felt like I'd lost a huge part of me - a bit silly maybe but there you go, that's how I felt. I liked to look back to see what visits I'd had from where and see how my site had done over the years. I was really proud of the 80% SEO mark I'd managed to get by tweaking a word here, adding a different phrase there, making some words plural and others not... all these little things make the difference and it was a fair bit of a learning curve for me - I've got none of them saved , of course..

So... Anyways... Deep breath...

I recently treated myself to a lovely book - The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse by Charlie Mackesy. A truly beautiful book.

The Boy, The Mole, the Fox and the Horse book by Charlie Mackesy

On one of the pages it says " One of our greatest freedoms is how we react to things ".

So very true..

Can I live without all that archived data? Yes, of course..

Can I learn how to use this new builder? Yes...

Will it take me hours to re-do the SEO work? Yes!!! :(

But can I do it? Oh yes...

Um... Is it easier to write this blog post in the new builder format...? Yes.

Does my website now have that lovely little secure padlock icon? Yes.

Might I learn to love this new builder? Oh probably...

There's a cherry in here somewhere - I just have to find it...

And find that pesky, invaluable SEO analyser... now where on earth has that gone???

Best get Coffee and Carry On

Happy Sunday Everyone

Catch You Next Time x

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The Changing of the Throws....

Posted on 6 March, 2018 at 4:47 Comments comments (200)
So, one of the things that I should've done yesterday was to change the throws in the sitting room...hmm...the dreaded 'Changing of the Throws'... You know, it's one of those simple, little things that really - I mean, really truly - doesn't take that long to do - but do I EVER want to do it? Absolutely not. Nope. Not even a little tiny bit.
And I find all sorts of excuses for putting it off... like 'oh, I MUST give my Sis a ring RIGHT NOW'....or  'I could shop later but think it'd be better to go now'...or 'well I could do it now but I've been meaning to check my ribbon stock for the last month'... I mean, anything and everything often seems better than changing those throws ha!
And today's excuse? Well, have a look see here..... 
9 The Busy Florista Blog Wedding Flowers  Funeral Flowers  Artwork for Sale  Susan Jane May
Now, how can I possibly move Lilly Cat?? (deep affected sigh) Oh Dear, what a shame (another deep sigh) - well.. guess I'll have to do it later (this means tomorrow)...

I've got to confess, I have exactly the same problem with 'The Changing of the Beds'.... Is it perhaps that, after  doing it for what - over a 1,000 times in the last 20 years - I just don't want to do it anymore? Do I like nice, clean, pretty bed-linen-changed-beds? Well yes, absolutely. Do I want to change them myself? No. Noee no no. Nope. 
11 The Busy Florista Blog Wedding Flowers  Funeral Flowers  Artwork for Sale  Susan Jane May
So I go find a cat or two and stick 'em on the bed instead ...job done.... "Oh Dear, what a shame" (deep sigh) - "well I guess I'll have to do the bed later..."

A Day in the Office...

Posted on 5 March, 2018 at 5:36 Comments comments (506)
This morning I've got a lot of things to get done in the office. It's a lovely little office with a nice large window and an even larger radiator. As a direct result of having my desk next to said radiator, I often find I'm sharing it with either Harley (aka The Big Blonde) or Lilly (aka Cappuccino Cat) who work tirelessly to support me in my business and have been flat out here yesterday and today as you can see...
4 The Busy Florista Blog Wedding Flowers  Funeral Flowers  Artwork for Sale  Susan Jane May8 The Busy Florista Blog Wedding Flowers  Funeral Flowers  Artwork for Sale  Susan Jane May

I'm working on some floral designs this morning as well as ordering in some stock and flowers. A lot of my working time is spent in here which I didn't really expect when I started my business - I thought I'd spend all my days tinkering away in the studio being all arty and creative out there. Instead I do a lot of the arty and creative stuff in here! 

And then there's the 'Webmaster' stuff to do...
Anyone out there running their own website like me? Doesn't it take a LOAD of time to keep up with the Updating and the SEO'ing and checking which sites your site's been added to and what info's been copied from your site and is it all correct... I mean, that's a full time business in itself isn't it... Sometimes I Google myself to see what's out there and give myself a bit of a shock ha!

Anyways, here's the sort of thing I like to do - make gorgeous Vendela Rose Buttonholes, photograph them in the studio and then edit the photos. I then use these to help me make etchings and drawings and lino cuts x
IMG 20171119 100018 859 WS
Have a Happy Day!

Whatever Makes You Happy...

Posted on 4 March, 2018 at 8:48 Comments comments (611)
Well do you know, the snow's disappeared today as quickly as it came! Bonkers weather! I took a sneak peek out earlier just to see what it was all up to and there it was gone ha. But here's a little pic I thought you might like to see - the bird bath water froze into something quite arty and gorgeous - and I had my dear husband stand there, in the cold, holding it at all different angles for me til I got the pic I wanted...bless him. But, now, hey, it's not meant to be on here sideways but I can't get it to load round the right way so bear with me on this....
The Busy Florista Blog Wedding Flowers  Funeral Flowers  Artwork for Sale  Susan Jane MayAnyway, what I really thought I'd share today is a lovely little bag I brought back from Oz with me this year... it's just all bright and cheerful and has a lovely little message on it which says 'Whatever makes you happy, just do that'. It happens to be my swimming bag and that always makes me happy x
1 The Busy Florista Blog Wedding Flowers  Funeral Flowers  Artwork for Sale  Susan Jane May
And what makes my big blonde Birman happy? Well, having the whole bed to himself seems to work a treat.... #veryhappycat xx
2 The Busy Florista Blog Wedding Flowers  Funeral Flowers  Artwork for Sale  Susan Jane MayHappy Sunday Everyone 

Cold, Cold, Cold...

Posted on 3 March, 2018 at 11:42 Comments comments (642)
The Busy Florista Blog Wedding Flowers  Funeral Flowers  Artwork for Sale  Susan Jane MayOn Wednesday we had a LOT of snow here and everything did look absolutely Gorgeous but goodness me, it was sooo cold! We haven't had a snow fall like it here in years.. I thought - and I think it was a pretty good thought - that what it called for was a constant supply of Hot Chocolate while I was deciding whether or not to go outside and prep those buckets for a flower delivery that had a slim chance of getting here anyway... I'm pleased to say that common sense prevailed and I stayed indoors with the Cats and the Central Heating ...and had another hot chocolate. And I did do a lot of work on my website. And some washing. And did the cat litter trays again. It's amazing how all those jobs you're not too keen on suddenly seem like a totally good idea to do when it's  freezing outside ha!